A bible bashing mate once said to me “there’ll come a day all humans will have an implant in their hands or arms”. I never challenged him because nothing would surprise me about the intentions that The Powers That Be have. Since my college years I’ve only come across the subject once or twice usually whilst surfing the net. It’s a Satan thing we’re led to believe by the God heads. Mark of the Beast and all that, maybe so.

One of my areas of interest is child abuse prevention. Some very interesting information passed my way recently and I began to focus on the subject of Radio Frequency Identification Devices(RFID). It would seem that child abuse and more specifically child trafficking,  is being pumped up by certain organisations as an area for increased use of RFID. The companies linked are offering loads of advice on how RFID might help tackle the problem and prevent such abuses from occurring.
Then this pope popped up on my monitor.(apologies for 15sec ad, can’t find clip without ads)

I watched it a few times and began to wonder if anyone else had similar thoughts. WTF? The Vatican using RFID? So much for the devil (Revelation 13) being behind the devices. There’s even this RFID JOURNAL which advertises/promotes the Holy See’s use of RFID.

A few words with Mr Google and in no time at all I arrived at this club injection, and this Google ad.

At this stage I decided against going down the rabbit hole in front of me and thought I’d share what I have and let you decide where to run with it.

It really is real-time Orwellian shit. Additionally, the uses of RFID in preventing child abuse should open some eyes.
child abuse plug bing bong




The fight back  Spychips



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