Any one who considers they’ve been abused on-line needs a slap. It’s as clear as gin they’ve never even stepped in the grounds of a residential setting let alone entered through the door of a state/private home. Being able to turn off the computer or having the ability to surf elsewhere doesn’t quite place them in the league of  a “victim of abuse”. Much has been written and talked about on the subject of on-line abuse but nowhere have I witnessed any dark red blood or open skin. You can’t share tears through cables, you can’t feel the long lasting hurt of a black eye on-line. Any abuse victims pain is in their DNA and not on a time line or a status.

Shockingly, I’ve seen a vast number of on-line folk who’ve claimed to be the victims of abuse whilst they are sat in front of the monitor supping their wine or whiskey or both. Do us a favour….

Fuck off


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2 Responses to CHILD ABUSE? GET REAL

  1. Carl Compton says:

    Darren mate acquire a brain sometime eh !

    You're obviously a reasonably clever troll as you've acquired a blog but don't go trashing peoples feelings because you have none.

    I was one of four children sexually abused in a home, the abuser was convicted do you need proof or do you really need a picture of my arse to prove it ?

    See you next Tuesday

  2. Why send a picture of your arse when you've already shared enough shit. Anonymously of course. CU next Tuesday means cunt to the lay person reading this.

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