**UPDATED** Life Thieves or Bloggers?

I’ve received a lot of personal feedback on this issue since it was published. Quite frankly, I’m astounded at the figures offered to me concerning twitter accounts and certain blogs. The number of so-called information collectors/distributors/help blogs which have appeared since November 2012 is astonishing. Many of the roots or tentacles of these life thieves can be traced back to the same hub. There’s a 100 Miss Marple’s who over time have taken it upon themselves to help net dummies like me trace the origins of the organisers of these on line Dick Turpin’s who rob abuse victims of their identities and then share it among their own sort for the purpose of collectively making money. The wanna-be journalists and their cohorts are prolific in their endeavours. They’ve attacked genuine people who’ve questioned their existence. Some pursue a frontal attack whilst their allies move in from both flanks. It’s organised and perpetuated and re-tweeted by “established bloggers” on daily basis.

I’ve never been one for taking the issue too seriously. I mean I’ve never considered any personal threat as a genuine threat to my person or body. I’ve been threatened too many times by too many real people to even consider taking anonymous threats as serious. This has become a problem for the subject of this post.

A recent tweet which supposedly contained some of the names of a bloggers family was circulated and shared like wild fire to make the blogger feel felt threatened. A postcode was included along with some other shite about the authors intentions. Whilst some of us would consider this behaviour as typically trollish, the naive among us would have been seriously concerned that their family members were named maliciously. Fear would have set it, apprehension, paranoia  and of course a reluctance to go on line and be active would have been natural. This is exactly what the subject of this post aimed for. This is their goal. They want the monopoly and they’ll squash a few in order to gain it. Let’s remember this isn’t the oil industry nor is it taxi wars, window cleaning rounds or the hedge fund competitors. They act as if they were involved in all the above. There’s leaders, organisers, players and watchers. Information is shared privately and attacks come fast and furious. Unfortunately too many viewers/readers/tweeters have been scared off by the invisible faces of a few who create the mirage of many. There are some so-called “professionals” of the deceitful craft of journalism on the peripheral of this movement. They have the resources and finance to assist the worker bees with their ever dwindling plight.

Well the clock is ticking and genuine folk like myself have been offered assistance of our own with tracing and exposing these pathetic worms who’ve chosen to claim representation of  the decent on-liners who’ve decided to expose the real historical accounts of the UK’s abusive regime over the past 50 years.

I’m a criminologist and hold the academic qualifications to go with 35 years of experience. This is so up my street I can’t quite believe it’s landed on my lap. Along with other personal endeavours this is in my top five to do things.

I discovered a thread of thought which has been niggling me lately. Although I’ve been reluctant to write I’ve still kept an eye on blogsphere and the variants on offer. To be honest I’m not impressed by my own conclusions. In a nut shell, there’s many bloggers out there who live off your lives. They nibble at the scraps left over by the Main Stream Media and re-label it. Then its fed to all those who wait with hungry bellies.

If I was asked to sum up my thoughts on their existence in one sentence I’d call them…the ex/wannabe-hack-red/white/rose-wino-victim jockeys who no-one likes..

They’re the Middle Class educated failures who just couldn’t make it in the real world of reporting or journalism. They’ve retreated to the net and the safety of their 4 bedroom semi in leafy Wank Avenue, just up the cul-de-sac near to Self Indulgent Close. Their TVs are on 24/7 and the various monitors display other peoples words and videos. They make it a full time job to copy and paste, they read only the headlines and  never stray far away from the fodder being spewed out of the TV or MSM newspapers. They never get off their fat arses and venture into the street without their little Westy or Yorky by their side offering a false sense of security( As if anyone would have the time or inclination to go as far as actually finding and hurting them for spreading their falsities and bullshit) as they walk to the end of the street and back. No doubts too far up their own arses to pick up the dog shit left behind. That’s someone else’s job isn’t it?

They scrawl thousands of words each week using the techniques taught by their school/house masters. They have a following of similar types and all share the same shit at meal times. Their “connections” (ex-colleagues still employed in the business) are their only source of  regurgitated vomit they all call news or stories. All still patiently wait for and want the big break, the celeb exclusive or the money shot. Not an ounce of experience can be drawn upon in their scrawls. Never a live, real or personal experience. No memories are held on to no instances to recall and share, nothing but re-cycled pulp from days, years and decades gone by.

Self taught people who’ve had to learn the basics from scratch are really the bloggers we should be reading. You can evidence the reality of their writing in their words. Unlike the tossers supping wine as they scrawl, the self taught blogsters make mistakes, use wrong descriptivism and sometimes get it wrong. But isn’t that real life? Doesn’t everyone make mistakes, fuck up, get it wrong? Unlike the leafy suburban authors, real writers are fallible. How many so called prominent bloggers publish with spelling mistakes left in their entries?
One that I’ve seen and he ignored me pointing it out. I bet he was furious……. tosser.

Twitter is the place for dissemination for the self certified authors. Other blogs will do but that means leaving evidence that you been reading others and they don’t like to leave a trail just in case they get caught out. The act of plagiarism comes as second nature. They don’t even consider it wrong. Their false acclaim is spread to others who fall for the shite they’ve read. They re-blog, re-tweet and regurgitate for days/weeks after. All the time expecting a pat on the back or a mention from the author. Well fuck them all.

I’m sick of these pricks claiming to be truth seekers, campaigners or activists. I’d love to draw up a list of them and share but I really couldn’t be bothered. Feel free yourself and post here. I guarantee it’ll be shared and published. Unlike other bloggers I publish all comments.  


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