"I heard a boys screams…"

Apologies for the title but it got you didn’t it? Oh yes it did:) That’s my point, it works on the brain.

This is short and to the point, someone left a copy of the Daily Post in my kitchen and I picked it up on my way to the loo. Five minutes of scanning and all of a sudden I saw the reason for this post. You wouldn’t have had the opportunity to see it if it wasn’t for the Internet. I am a busy bee but had to take time out and share this evidence of how the MSM work. Is there an agenda here? I’m slightly baffled that such clear evidence is available. Any way I’d like to thank David Powell for the chance to show his readers’ what they’re paying for when they purchase this useless constructed rubbish.
The picture below was on page 11. You’ll see the red headline “Abuse Probe Revives Bad Memories” Beneath the frame of the picture are the words “I heard a boy’s screams”…, for no reason he leaves out the quotes. Read it again. What are you supposed to see? What does the writer expect his reader to read?
Then it continues “People have no idea what goes on in care homes” (quotes added). Again; what does the author want us to see, to interpret and to digest?
Eye Catching

The rest of the story is irrelevant. It’s waffle about how the lady never experienced anything in her “traumatic years” in care during 1952-1965. The piece got my attention. I asked myself; What the hell is this story is about? Some lady in care sixty years ago.Who? Why her? Why now? I still don’t know but another glance at page 4 gave a clue of sorts. Keith Towler our very own Children’s Commissioner gets a whole full page to himself. There’s also a small but significant piece about a new child care initiative. 
The ladies name was rare so Mr Google was consulted and he came back with these: 

David Powell can hardly deny knowing his source can he? It just made me want to share what I consider to be a perfect example of News construction. Why now? Ask yourself

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2 Responses to "I heard a boys screams…"

  1. all at sea says:

    I didn't realise just how BAD the MSM was till I read your blog. It's beyond belief, isn't it? We are treated like sheep.

  2. Moor Larkin says:

    I cannot grasp what your actual point is here?

    The last link doesn't work and the first link doesn't seem to mean anything.

    What has this woman to do with the Child Commissioner?

    Is it just because all three reports are in one newspaper? So what?

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