Back to Reality Written 1 year ago this day

It’s sunk in. I’ve realised. My brain has been too overloaded to realise just how deep I’d dived down into the depths of the internet. I ignored others who said I would. I always do. Ah well shit happens, no point in moaning now. The subject of trolls will be written about and the best examples will be published. It’s the least I could do for you. That said, I do try to extract the slightest positive out of any negative. In this case, my kids have learned the lesson with me and they’ll not fall into the same trap. They’ve read and taken on board the lesson dads given about the net. Mini me who’s 8years old was the best pupil. We’d share the chair and read. Even he thinks his dad was stupid to reply to the trolls. I showed him Mr Ickes website and he asked-“will you be that stupid if you stay on the computer dad”?  Bless. So I’ll be away from Twitter for greater periods of time as it passes. Of course, I’ll use it to share this and other stuff which might arise but that’s going to be it. There are some damn good people on there and I hope to remain in contact with many. So, a warning! If you don’t do twitter, don’t start unless it’s imperative. For me it was. It’s been like fighting with a shadow. It’s not real and you get knackered after a short while. I’m 100% certain my trolls will find another person on a mission and hop aboard their twittrain (is this a new word? Go spread) as it passes. Similar to the American hobo’s who rode for free in the outback’s of wherever. (read Catch 22).

So what do I do with my time now I’m reclaiming it? I write at my leisure and I improve as time goes by. I share the good the bad. I’ll write as long as you read. I’ll soon know by the statistics. If you go I’ll go. I have domestic duties which have fallen by the wayside. I have a 28year old camper to improve. I have friends, relatives and loved ones who need me far more than I’ve given lately. My daughters 18 tomorrow so we’re off out to spend, spend, spend. She must be loadedJ. I remember her birth and the effect it had on me. Little does she know but she’s part responsible for me being who I am. I’ve prevented history repeating itself and she’s got a great future ahead. Wifee and I have 42 years of parenting between us and have only lost 2 nights’ sleep in that time to our children. We’ve been the envy of many friends and I hope that continues for my own children. It’s all down to fresh, mountain and sea air and plenty of it. I pity city dwellers. How can they exist in a place where there’s no fresh air? The mind boggles. Unless, of course, there’s no choice.

Another major omission in my life has been music. It’s been with me every step of the way. From Showaddywaddy in the early 70’s to Will Young today. I love and live for music. If I decide to share any with you, remember each track has a meaning to me. Sorry in advance for some of the choices. You can always ignore them.

So, to all my trolls on twitter, fuck the fuck off, you sad and lonely specks of dust. My readers will get to read what I choose. It’s a fantastic lifting feeling having tens of thousands of people reading what I write. Hard to explain. One day, who knows? I’ll finish by asking you have a gweld (look) at what I my life consisted of before Steven Messham et al and The Bureau of Investigative Journalism decided to enter it, for a second time. But, with worse consequences for them, than the first.

Dear reader,
I’d left behind all that is now before you and I want you to know, what I know to be 100% the case in this life of ours. Some humans are just, quite simply, beyond the comprehension and help of others humans. I’ve met too many and written about only one! Live long and prosper. If I can help you at no cost I will. May my blog and I be with you. Peace.

I used to make these. 

Looking for ghosts

One day


My other thing

Ogwen Valley, Snowdonia

Bryn Estyn “down the bank”.

Speak soon.

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10 Responses to Back to Reality Written 1 year ago this day

  1. Anonymous says:

    A good day for driftwood,and seaweed. Not so good for bubbles. Or ghosts.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I suppose you could say I have followed your story at a 'discreet distance'. I applaud the way you have dealt with things so far and hope you are now free of the mindless, witless, idiocy (and idiots) that seems to be what Twitter has become. Take care, free the sheckles and have some fun!

  3. Anonymous says:

    LOL @ Anon above. On one side we have Steve Messham and David Icke, where it's impossible to tell what's fact and what's fantasy. On the other there are a small group of people trying to get their truth heard, and saying what they know about claims that have been made by others. You don't like it because you don't like the message they have.

  4. Anonymous says:

    No, you are wrong. I am all for the truth, no matter how hard it may be to digest. I have read all that Darren has wrote (both on here and Twitter)with an open mind, but now i fully believe that he has an agenda. I do not believe that he is telling the truth.

  5. Anonymous says:

    But you are happy to accept everything Steve Messham has said as the truth – not quite so open-minded then?
    I started out believing him, actually wanted to, but now accept there is more to this than we are being told. Waterhouse said he was manipulative, and I think that is true. The shame is that he has been used to serve someone else's agenda, and the fallout has caused destructive ripples that will be hard to still.

  6. Me says:

    Anon @ 10:49 the truth is if you read the Waterhouse Report Witness 'B' ie Stephen Messham pops up a number times and appears to be the principle source of some pretty outrageous allegations, which Waterhouse could not find evidence for and described him as an unreliable witness.

    How come he seems to be the one who gets singled out as unreliable?

    One the articles Darren uploaded from 2000 had Stephen saying back in the 1970's he had written to newspapers about the abuse Bryn Estyn but his letters weren't posted, by whom, what evidence do you have he posted any letters to newspapers?

    Regarding the polaroids of prominent men carrying out abuse. At the inquiry Stephen said he handed some of the photographs he found at Cooke's flat to a dective who later found more in a hollowed out book, but the detective said he and others went with Stephen to the flat and that's when the photos were found. Stephen recently told Pariac O'Brien on Channel 4 that he broke into the flat and removed all 60 – 70 polaroids and took them to a police station where he handed them over to an officer.

    According to evidence given at the inquiry Stephen was said to be living at Cooke's flat at the time.

    Stephen said he was refused permission to name names at the inquiry yet when asked to name a particular person he could no remember the name. Despite repeatedly saying he doesn't know gave him the name of a person in a polaroid people like David Icke insist it was the police, based on what evidence?

    Stephen was friends with Cllr Malcolm King but at the benefits fraud trial, Stephen acussed King of coming to court that day to lie about him.

    Over the trips to London for sex parties apart from Stephen, I've only found 2 other accounts one by 'Paul' in the Scallywag nonsense and another by Michael who was recently interviewed on Sky TV.

    44 year old Michael who was at Bersham Hall said he began being taken to the sex parties aged 12, just before Bryn Estyn closed in September 1984. If Michael is 44 then in 1984 he would have been 16, maybe he got the years wrong.

    But there's more of Michael's story I query. He says they tralleved by coach on Friday's, a group of boys plus staff and went to posh properties where they met up with children from other care homes and were abused throughout the night till dawn by wealthy men.

    Then during the day they were taken by some of the staff on foot around London to see the sights, before there was another sex party where they were abused again. Wouldn't these be kids who were likely to abscond, the staff were taking a significant risk transporting such a large number to London?

  7. Me says:

    In 1991 the Independent ran a story which became the subject of a libel case brought by a senior police officer. Astonishingly it was not till a libel action was brought that Dean Nelson sought evidence any evidence to support his article.

    On 24 August 1992 Stephen Messham made his third statement to the police, complaining a journalist was “harrassing” him, trying to put words into his mouth. Part of Stephen's statement asserted “At no time did —— ——– ever sexually abuse me.” Then about 10 days later Stephen was telling Dean Nelson he had been abused by the senior officer, and made a 4th statement on 9 Sep 1992 to police reversing what he said on 24 Aug 1992.

    It has been reported Stephen demanded £60,000 from Private Eye before he would be a witness at the libel case, he ended up being paid £4,8000. He reportedly told the court he was only doing what lawyers do.

    Anon 10:49, Due to the libel case the reporter must have been under severe pressure get any evidence to back his article. When the case came to court the reporter wasn't called to give evidence, suprise, suprise.

  8. Anonymous says:

    C. I'm the one that is 'following at a discreet distance. Just carry on as you are. Keep everything in clear chronological order as much as is possible, with dates and times given and of course names (but only if appropriate)and anything else to support. Do not be pressured and do not speak until you are ready. Good luck to you.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Someday,I hope that all are held responsible for their sick actions.Justice for you and all others,who have had to endure abuse at the hands of those who hide behind their cloaks of deceit.Your day will come.

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