Scally Wag? Police Officers Named?

If I was given a £1 for every referral to the Scally Wag story I’d be buying a VW T25 in excellent condition. 1000’s of twitters worldwide have provided traffic to 100’s of blogs, each claiming an “exclusive” followed by hash tags galore. All feature the same story. As a contributor to the story I feel it only right and just that some of it be put in its place. The bin! I personally knew two of the police officers named in the piece as well two of the lads which feature in it.
Regarding the two “victims” I’d like to call both liars. I’d like to name them. However, they’ve both got children and both have come to the attention of the police after allegations of child abuse were levelled against them by members of their own family. So, with a heavy heart along with their children in mind, I’m not going to name them unless a court of law says I have to. All details are recorded and logged in police records. It’s none of our business anyway….is it? Both alleged being raped repeatedly and therefore it needs pointing out they might have something to hide from the public themselves. You decide. Anyway, I can prove both are outright liars. How many other bloggers can do the same? How many want to? Not many. They’ve filled their blogs with writings to try and prove otherwise. To prove they are right and nothing else.  They rely on the words of others stick in a few links and bobs your uncle. Traffic keeps flowing and the bloggers keep counting.
This experience is evolving for me. I’m attacked from all sides for pointing you in the direction of the truth. I’m labelled a troll, I’m labelled a lawyer and even been asked; what my connection to Ian Huntley and Soham is? I’m an ex-care lad who has a memory of events which has proven to be exceptionally accurate and can recall the smallest of events. Those events involved 99% of what’s been blogged.  So next time you click a link have a think. What’s in it for the blogger? What’s their aim? Are they out to help? Or just to generate traffic? Who are they and what are they? Lots are failed hacks buried away in some bedroom surrounded by empty bottles of wine. Some are still working for the MSM. They have an agenda. It’s not the same as yours or mine. Of course there’s the dark side of the net. Those that words have yet been invented to describe exist in this area. Death merchants. Death cart drivers. Life thieves. The people who know of no other existence than that of dread and fear and hate. They eat bile they shit bile and they write bile. Leaders in this field even steal and share others bile. Putrid words that contaminate the WWW. 
Enough time wasted on those who don’t matter anyway. The police officers named on Scally’s list who I know both worked in the north Wales area when I was in care. Both came to homes I was resident in. Sometimes in a working capacity and sometimes not.  Neither of them ever caused any harm to me or anyone I know. You all know by now, I know a lot. The officer pictured blow and I have become friends. Without giving too much away we both care for the environment and met because of a mutual interest in such matters. I never had any contact with him for a number of years whilst I was living  in Wrexham. 
I emigrated back to my roots and we met again. We shared memories of our time together as evidenced by the pictures below. On this occasion he was driving a mini bus with 7 care residents on board. We drove through the Conway Valley on our way to Rhyl for the day out. I got a couple of shots on the day and have received help in tracing them. They show us having great fun. I remember it well. Can any other bloggers say the same? On certain evenings he would volunteer to help me and others “pump some iron”. He was always safety conscious and disciplined. He helped one specific lad a lot more than others. The lad’s confidence was really low. Spotty, thin and not a chance of finding the spirit to ask a girl for a date. The officer changed the lad’s attitude over a period of about six months. EG has said he’s happy to confirm my account of events. By the way, EG went on to become the head of security of a nite club and a part time football referee.  Such was the man’s kindness he persuaded Woolworths his wife’s employer, to donate a massive Easter egg to us. He took the pics you can see. 
Now ask yourself. Given what you’ve just read is it plausible that the officer pictured is part of some underground sex gang trafficking kids to politicians and the like? If the answer is yes then move along. If you believe I’m making it up then kindly move along. If you believe some supposed MI5 agent and the author then ditto. All I would say is people die all the time in lots of different ways. Some explained others never explained.  When I was 8 my best friend Geoffrey Marshall died on a milk float. He was sat where I normally sit and looked out of the window and smashed his brains into a lamppost. He died instantly. (RIP Geoff I often think of our times together) What were the chances? Two boys helping the milkman one minute and then that. Beggar’s belief. 
So there it is. The liars are more than capable of lying on such a scale, as evidenced over the past 22 years, that it almost becomes believable. Unless of course, you know it to be bullshit. That is where I enter the building. I”m still evidencing lies and false allegations nearly 20 years on. Attacks on my credibility simply bounce off me. Anyone else take photographs of those accused by ScallyWag? Thought not.
Decent policeman named in Scallywag
Happy day in Rhyl Sun Centre

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8 Responses to Scally Wag? Police Officers Named?

  1. Anonymous says:

    EX-COP NICE ENOUGH BLOKE SHOCKER! Your blog is fascinating, I can see the numbers reading you dropping as people really do just want the horror stories, the stuff that breeds nightmares, the stuff created by shadowy figures to make money and serve mysterious agendas…

    Spesking of which I am looking forward to reading your memories of Andrea (from MFI or was it Do It All).

  2. Anonymous says:

    How did this story get so twisted? When did people start lying, and why?

  3. Anonymous says:

    do you know 'owt about or have any views on Richard Webster & his book Secret of Bryn Estyn ?
    noise to signal ratio ?
    agenda – nefarious or otherwise ?

    …I've got a copy but…800 pages or so it'd better be worth it…

    all the best


  4. Mam mon says:

    🙂 I spent time with her and will be blogging about it. Don't think it will be explosive but interesting. Me and family thought she was a White Witch initially. Keep watching and don't forget to share. Some MS bloggers can't seem to compare with my truthful accounts.

  5. Mam mon says:

    1.Twisted because…if it bleeds, it leads!!! is the format for the presnt MSM vultures.
    2. Some have never been speaking the truth. To hide their own abusive tendencies maybe? For money? Living in a made up false fame world. Love the cameras and the attention?
    3. It'll all become clear as the filters like me begin to work our way into the minds of the masses.

  6. Mam mon says:

    Richard and I spent some hours in a local hotel discussing the issues. I liked him. I was warned not to go near him. I now know why. He's a prolific writer and researcher and I read his book long ago. I feature in it alot;). He has his corner like others have theirs. Unlike them I've done the ethnographical work. I was there.

  7. Anonymous says:

    What this proves is that the policeman you know did not abuse you. My grandad abused me when I was a kid. It went in for years, but there are people who didn't believe me because they saw another side of him. He was a decent guy in many was. Not a monster. He taught me how to ride my bike and helped out at our church. These things are not as black and white as people would like them to be. Loads of people could tell you how great my grandad was, and they'd be right. But that doesn't make me a liar. I'm not saying I believe the people who accuse the welsh policemen, only that your good experiences don't really prove anything about other people's experiences with them.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Webster died last year. I have been wondering for the last couple of weeks what he would have made of all this.
    Mincemeat, I suspect.

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