Stalking charges dropped

No case to answer

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Go Fund Yourselves II

This is one of the VIP/Exaro fluzees trying to get attention. Piss myself over and over. She’s not even a victim of abuse as far as the law is concerned.

Spin vs Truth

The ongoing antics of the usual suspects towards Darren Laverty’s crowdfunding efforts for his legal costs have taken an interesting turn.

In a very thinly veiled attempt to detail Mr Laverty’s efforts … the Sith Apprentice appealed on her timeline last week for legal assistance…

This was the convo.


Except for the Sith Apprentice’s legal “expert”… “Champerty” has not been a crime or civil tort since 1967’s Criminal Law Act.

Bribery however is a crime.

The abolition of criminal and civil liability under the law of England and Wales for maintenance and champerty shall not affect any rule of that law as to the cases in which a contract is to be treated as contrary to public policy or otherwise illegal.

Crowdfunding legal actions is not illegal.

Indeed if it was sites like this : would not exist.

Especially if there is no intent to share the proceeds…

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Help me get justice after 24 years

Please share this appeal and help me fight for justice. Enough is enough.

Help me fight for justice after 24 years

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FOR DECADES North Wales Police have been accused of covering up a child abuse scandal.

Critics say the force failed to investigate allegations that residents of care homes were being sexually abused in the 1970s and 1980s.

Britain’s only child abuse inquiry — the 1996 Waterhouse Tribunal — was set up to examine these claims.

The Tribunal gave the force a clean bill of health:

“ … there was no significant omission by the North Wales Police in investigating the complaints of abuse to children in care.”

Rebecca has long argued this conclusion is suspect.

The Tribunal did not consider the testimony of a witness who claimed he reported the most serious abuser in the scandal — John Allen — to police in 1980.

This was 15 years before Allen was gaoled.

In 2012 David Cameron ordered two new inquiries into the scandal.

One was a police investigation, Operation Pallial: the…

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The Stalking of #Hillsborough Survivor Groups – Part 1: The Holborn Gang

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